March 10th 2007- 90th Birthday Party @ Thurlestone Hotel, Devon

Dear Jeremy
Many thanks for taking the photos at my Gran's 90th Birthday. She is absolutely thrilled to receive the final album. If we ever need any photographs from events in the area, the we will be in touch.

Thanks again for a great job.
yours Claire

20th December 2007

Dear Jeremy
Thank-you ever so much for taking the trouble to send us the photo of the Hope Cove Fun Run - you've made a mum very happy! The photo is now in place on the wall of our sitting room.
Alison from Bristol


Hello again Jeremy,
Enjoyed the show at the Town Hall yesterday,first class.Glad to hear that you're now semi-pro and just had to tell you that your Thurlestone Sunset blew my socks off.You're not a mere photographer,you're an artist!
Fond regards,
Malc Lakin